Yin To My Yang

If you walked in my house you would probably guess that I like to keep things calm. The walls are different shades of cool muted blue complimented with taupe like accents. Very neutral and very calming for me. Some may even say its kind of Yin. The other day I woke up and decided to paint my bathroom. So I went to the store and bought some paint. I came home and painted away! When I was done I had anything but a Yin room! Bright yellow walls now warm the space where I take my hot baths! Maroon rugs and pictures accent the room while a blue shower curtain and table cool it down. I of course have lots of candles to add to the glow. I never in my life thought I would decorate with such primary colors but it works! This small space is becoming my favorite. It is the perfect Yang to my Yin. Then it dawned on me. You can’t have everything calm and neutral all the time. We need energy, we need vitality. This translates to my physical life as well. I can spa all the time if I want. I listen to calm music, lay in my hammock, get pedi’s, facials, massages. I do everything my heart can dream of to relax and sometimes it’s not enough. So what am I not doing? The one thing I’ve been putting off for almost a year now. Exercise. It’s the Yang I’ve been needing. Without it I am out of balance and all my energy drains out of me. Yes I know it has lots of health benefits but I am going to be honest for a moment. Telling me that it will keep my heart healthy, help me look trim, and increase my lung capacity is not the motivation I need to get it in gear. Knowing that it can help create a calm mind by increasing endorphins… that I like. You’ve heard me say that touch and massage can help combat depression, but exercise is an amazing way to get your mind where it needs to be. I am very mind and mood centered and fortunately for me what is good for my mind is good for my body. I’ve heard the whole ” your body is a temple” thing and I understand it. In fact I used to chant it ( not literally), while I was a Yoga instructor. But when you fall out of the habit and into the addiction of bad for you foods, motivators like that are not as effective. My entire journey on this earth has been about finding balance.. sometimes I lose site of that.