The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, And Better For You.

Someone asked me the other day what they should eat after a massage. What a great question! I jokingly said, ” Gosh, I hope it’s sushi!” That is after all what I crave after massage. Turns out my stomach hasn’t led me afar. I did some research as to what kind of foods would benefit your muscles after a massage. Most everything I came up with was water, water, water!!! I am sure my clients get tired of me pushing the water on them but it is with good reason. Just like after a workout, your muscles are tired. They’ve been moved around and manipulated. They’ve been poked and prodded , stretched and rubbed. What happens is that now all of those toxins from your everyday life that have been building up and stuck in your constricted muscles are rushing out. There is also a residual build up of lactic acid that is dying to be released. The water helps your body flush these out. A bit of detoxing without the diet if you will. But there are foods that you can eat to help your body continue to detoxify as well as return protein and vitamin D to the muscles. It seemed everything else I looked at came back to fish as well as foods such as garlic and ginger. The fish is extremely high in protein. ( Sardines being one of the highest, but Tuna not far behind) I’ll take the tuna thank you! Eel happened to be very high as well. As far as detoxing goes it doesn’t get more natural than ginger and garlic. Ginger is also an anti inflammatory and can be very helpful ( if consumed on a regular basis) for arthritis. Garlic relaxes the blood vessels and can help your body deliver the nutrients it needs faster. So what do all these foods have in common? Sushi. I knew it the whole time. Not only does it have the ingredients that your body craves after a massage it is also light and won’t way you down with overly processed breads and meats. If you are in the area and looking for a great ( and peaceful) place to enjoy some sushi after your massage check out Sakura Sushi. And don’t forget to order some water! 


Just Tea For Me Please

This morning I was pleasantly surprised. I have recently (2 days ago) decided to ween ( cold turkey) myself off COFFEE! Now I am a coffee LOVER, so this is a big thing. The only problem is I haven’t read any reports about the health benefits of coffee (at least not anything substantial) and I know it’s dehydrating ( it’s a diuretic) and well, it’s something for me to quit. My eventual goal will be to ingest only water and herbal tea as well as the occasional juice. My biggest obstacle in this goal is that I’m from Texas and well, Iced Tea is in my blood! So weening myself off black teas will be the biggest obstacle. First things First- coffee. The first two days I replaced my coffee with Yerba Mate. I was introduced to this at a farmer’s market in San Diego ( a little shout out to Ocean Beach!) I was amazed by the kick that this tea held! It was like drinking a cup of coffee without the (yummy) aftertaste! This helped me get through the first two mornings and I drank water throughout the day ( sorry Starbucks, they are going to miss me.) This morning I decided to try my favorite tea- Earl Grey. Back to my pleasant surprise , I decided to buy the store brand from United Marketplace. I knew I was taking a chance but let’s live on the edge. I unwrapped the box and the smell of bergamot wafted up to kiss my olfactory system! When my husband came in to the kitchen I asked for his advice on making Earl Grey tea ( he makes the absolute best.) He told me a touch of sugar and just a little milk. I asked him where he learned to make this tea taste so good, he replied as if it was a ridiculous question, ” I grew up in England, baby.” – Of course. So I didn’t listen to him (as usual!) and I added natural honey and milk. It was delicious! Who needs sugar. So far I haven’t experienced any tremors or chest pains due to my abstinence of coffee. I don’t really know if those are actual symptoms, but that’s what I imagined it would be. Probably because I have replaced caffeine with… caffeine. Again I tell myself, Keep it simple, coffee first. It’s much like the use of a nicotine patch. I am not really breaking the addiction just yet, only the habit. I went to the spa and made a batch of Yogi Tea that my boss introduced me to. She got it from her instructor at Breathe Yoga Studio. It has cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, and the ever detoxing… Ginger. It smells wonderful and tastes swell! We will have to have another post on the power of Ginger later. I feel pretty good today and actually feel like I have more energy. Being addicted to substances, including sugar and caffeine, is so strange. Your body tells you it needs it to have more energy or to feel better, but when you go without it for a few days you feel better than you have in a long time. Albeit, I haven’t given up the caffeine but I still feel lighter and more energized without the weight of coffee tying me down.

Teas have such a powerful effect on the body and herbal teas are very beneficial. They can be stimulating or sedative to the nervous system. They are great for detoxing and body cleansing. I personally enjoy the processing of making different concoctions of teas. I order a few of my favorite herbs in bulk from an online store and I can’t wait to get my delicious package in the mail! My favorites mixes are lavender and peppermint, you can always add a few rose petals as well. Eucalyptus is great for sinus problems. And don’t forget what you have in your pantry or garden Rosemary, Cardamom, Cinnamon Sticks, Marigolds, Roses, Ginger. All of these make wonderful teas. I would love to hear about your favorite teas or concoctions!