How important is it?

Whew!!! Today was a long day. But fun none the less. At the spa the day before mother’s day is usually one of the busiest days of the year. This year was no exception. We have 3 new people on board, and this holiday can be quite overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. As a receptionist, it is very confusing. Between taking orders for gift certificates over the phone and checking people in and out as well as selling gift certificates to late comers ( including myself) it is hard to keep up with the other responsibilities of reception. But I must say our new receptionist AND our new manager did an amazing job! Our other new person is a very talented massage therapist that we are proud to have on our team. She has worked 14 years independently and now is coming over to the spa world. One might think that that would be an easy transition but the spa world comes with some whole new behind the scenes challenges. We have to know what room we will be in, if our client is a part of a package and who our client will be seeing next. We have to prepare the room accordingly with robes, slippers, baskets for clothes. We need to be able to time our massages accurately so that the client gets what they pay for and we have time to clean and prepare for the next one. This is usually about 3 minutes. While the client is getting dressed or undressed we must fold our laundry and sometimes we get to use the bathroom! We must know hours ahead of time whether or not the client will be getting a special service such as hot stone or raindrop technique. Their isn’t much time to do all of this but strangely enough there is room for error. You see, the spa world runs on what I call, “spa time.” This means that sometimes you run 5 to 10 minutes behind. Sometimes you forget to set up hot stones and have to compensate with something else. I usually do aromatherapy with heat compresses (not that this happens very often!) The point is that in the end it doesn’t really matter. Yes, I said it. It doesn’t really matter.

I secretly ( until just now) call myself a massage artist. Meaning I pride myself on being able to improv massage. Every massage is different. Being able to tune in and be creative is what makes each massage a unique experience. When a client goes to the spa they want to leave with an experience. And that’s what I create. I try to very techniques and mix and match modalities in order to make the experience exclusively theirs. As long as they leave happy, it doesn’t matter that you started 10 minutes late.

I often have clients who run in 5 minutes behind and apologize profusely. I just shrug my shoulders and tell them it’s no problem. If I end up having to stay 5 minutes longer today and you get to have a wonderful massage experience then I consider it a win. It’s no big deal. If my colleague is 10 minutes behind and I have the client next. Well, that’s just how it is. The whole point of the spa is to be easy going, stop stressing, and RELAX!!! Me being bothered by an occasional slip up is not going to benefit my clients and it certainly isn’t going to make my life any easier!- and let’s face it. I like life to be easy!

It is helpful however when clients do arrive on time or earlier is even better. It is ideal when we know ahead of time what kind of massage you want and it is beneficial to us if you use the restroom while you are waiting on us. But in the end. IT’S NO BIG DEAL!

Now if I can only transition “spa time” into the rest of my life! If all of us could just use the phrase “How Important Is It?” and apply it to every situation that stresses us out.. well you probably wouldn’t come see me as often! It’s important to keep the big picture in mind no matter what we are doing. If you compared your current stressor’s importance to the value of life as a whole, you’d probably just shrug your shoulders and say, ” It’s no big deal!”


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