Serenity Savers

Yesterday I went into my massage sanctuary and I routinely went around the room, turning things on. The lamp by the door, the fountain in the corner…. I said the fountain in the corner. Why don’t I hear the water? What HAPPENED to my fountain!! The trickling of the water was my favorite aspect in the room. I received many compliments on it. I found it soothing and it really helped me get into the “zone.” Apparently, I forgot to turn off the fountain the night before and it burned out. I hadn’t had the fountain that long and so I doubt very many of my clients will even notice. I notice. I got to thinking about the importance of atmosphere in not only my massage sanctuary but in every aspect of my life. Adding elements to your life like  a fountain at the entrance of your home or some wind chimes outside the kitchen, maybe a plant or two ( if you have a green thumb,but if you are like me you might try fresh cut flowers!) A candle at your desk can help you stay calm. If you would like to get into the art of decorating for your sanity, try picking up a Feng Shui book. It becomes a great hobby and gives you something to direct your energy toward when everything else in your life feels out of control. If you are not the decorating type try contacting a professional. If you are looking for someone message me and I can find someone for you in the Wichita Falls Area. Until then remember, nothing is worth forsaking your serenity.

1 thought on “Serenity Savers

  1. Great advice! My job gets me stressed out fairly often so what I did was NOT replace a burned out bulb over my desk, which softened the light in my office a bit, and I always have an aromatherapy candle burning on the counter behind me. It truly does make a difference. Thanks Amanda!

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